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"I came to Dr. Tarasenko with a 17 year history of prescribed opiate use to treat my fibromyalgia and chronic migraines. (Medications included: fentanyl, Norco and morphine).  In only 3 months, he successfully enabled me to withdraw from all of these medications (using Suboxone to prevent withdrawal symptoms). Now that I am free from pain medication, I am amazed how much clearer my thinking is and what minimal discomfort remains is manageable without medication. I discovered that the pain I had been experiencing was due to withdrawing from the opiates I was supposedly taking to treat my pain. Grateful isn't a large enough word to describe how I feel about this change in my life. I strongly recommend Dr. Tarasenko for his pain management skills."   - S.M.

“…You have truly given me my life back. I can now get out and about because of your help. You are such a blessing for me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart…”   - P.F.

“Everyone is helpful, kind and courteous. Dr. T. always explains everything he is going to do. I have been to several pain specialists and no one compares to Dr. Tarasenko, no one. He is the best and his staff is kind and helpful.”   - J.F.

 “…My back injury happened almost two years ago and I struggled with constant pain for most of that time. The care that I have received from you has reduced my back pain significantly. Thanks to your magical treatments I am once again able to function without considerable discomfort. I appreciate the time you spent with me explaining the examinations and procedures so that I never leave your office with questions unanswered. I felt as calm and at ease during my procedures because of the comfortable and warm atmosphere. You and your staff have even followed up with me on the phone… You are all fantastic! … Thank you again for the wonderful care you and your staff have offered to me.”   - L.N.

“Dear Dr. Tarasenko and all of my wonderful friends at the Pain Center. I can’t thank you enough! A bit of a rough time but it was wonderful. Thank you so much!”   - S.

“We would like to thank Dr. Tarasenko and all his staff! When I was sent to you I could not take a shower and could not wear shoes or socks! Although I am not cured, I am now able to enjoy some of life’s treasures like riding my 7-year old to school by bicycle. It is still painful but was unthinkable before your treatments. ..”   - M.N. and Family

“… Thank you for working so diligently to help relieve all the pain in my back. Although each procedure was accompanied by soreness, it was a pleasure to see you each time and your kind bedside manner and smile made each experience enjoyable. I am already feeling much better…”   - M.L.

“I wanted to say thank you. You have no idea the new lease on life you have given to me and my family. I can physically enjoy being a mother again, I can touch my toes, I can walk without pain I will enjoy every day to the fullest. Thank you so much.”   - D.H.

“Thank you for the lumbar nerve ablation. The morning after the procedure I woke without that rod feeling in my spine. I put my feet on the rug and for the first time I felt an ankle bracelet on my ankle, and was amazed to feel something different and cried tears of relief and joy. I know you do your job all day and have many patients but I just want to thank you for your excellence and kindness! And the difference you make in lives. I am thinking the best thanks I could give is to continue my medical transcribing course, get my own computer and work part time from home. I started the course last April after the cervical ablation helped me so much. I feel I can start my morning stretching again too. I know it is not a cure for fibromyalgia but it feels like little miracles along the way and the card says it well. Thanks for relief and hope. “   - D.S.

“I want to thank you for the first pain relief I have had in my back in a very long time. It has now been two months without any pain in my lower back. I have been in excruciating back pain for over a year and a half with no relief whatsoever… no matter what I tried. The quality of my life was absolutely zero and I am just so happy and grateful to not be in pain. I thank God to have found you.”   - S.B.

“…Thank you so much... My headaches are great! Thank you for helping me become a somewhat (pain relieved) normal person again. I never thought it was possible. Thanks again.”   - D.A.

“We just wanted to say thank you for being such a great doctor and staff. We really appreciate everything that you have done for us. The treatments help tremendously in more ways than you will ever imagine. The treatments reduce the amount of pain enough to allow us to do family activities together again. Hope you enjoy the cookies!! Thank you once again.”   - D.H. and Family

“…Thank you so much for your patience and trust in me and for all the pain relief you’ve given me! You got me through the retirement week when I was worried I might not walk, and instead was dancing! …”   - D.S.

“I just want to take the time to say “thank you” for the care and concern about my recovery. Thank you for being kind and patient with me and showing that you care. Thank you for listening to my questions and my family member questions and being willing to fully explain so that we can understand. Thank you for timely responses to my calls. I don’t, and my family doesn’t take any of those for granted. We thank you doe being you and please extend my thanks to your staff for their courteous treatment.”   - P.K.

“… I saw Dr. T in 2008, but said I couldn’t afford the gas. Needless to say, I didn’t return. I continued on Vicodin until 2010. I asked my doctor again about help for pain. He told me again about Dr. T. and how great he was about pain management! Here I am, Dec. 30, 2010, and have not had Vicodin since November 28, 2010. I started taking Suboxone a couple of days later and I have had a few treatments with the doctor. In this month, I have done a lot more activities and I do not lie on the couch as much. I am still having trouble with walking far, but I am sure that will be happening soon with my treatments. I am so afraid that I will lose some of my energy that is frightens me. I really like the direction that I am going in!!!”   - B.K.

“… pain returned and was making my life miserable to the point that I had even considered suicide. Then when I felt all was lost, Dr. T suggested we look into a Spinal Cord Stimulator. This is a small device that is implanted in your lower back with two electrodes that are implanted along your spine as an outpatient procedure. I had the implant procedure on October 26th and was home that night. As soon as I turned the stimulator on I could feel the results. Even though the pain was still there I wasn’t able to feel it. Best of all, after living (if you call it that) on heavy narcotics for years, I was able to break myself of the need for them in only three days. I highly recommend Dr. Tarasenko and the Advanced Pain Management Clinic for anyone having to live with chronic pain.”   - B.B.

“A warm thank you is not enough… you are my hero. I so much appreciate you staying with me, trying many different procedures over a period of years and, ultimately being willing to try the neurostimulator. I feel so much better now, it’s unbelievable. No more pain meds. Thank you so much.“   - K.G.

“Dr. Tarasenko is a great pain management doctor. He tries to do what’s best for me helping me with my pain, and what’s best for me is getting my back taken care of sending me to specialists because I have a spinal cord implant in me and I need to get it fixed right. Dr. T is the best, he does things right way - but now it’s a long wait."   - PHC Patient (anonymous)

"I am writing this as I tend to not say everything I wish to when I see a doctor. First, thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking my pain away!!! All I have ever wanted is to be pain free and thanks to you I am. I do not know why it has taken so long but I will never forget what you have done for me. I had a rough week but made it through it, so now the Norco is next. I think it will be easier than I thought as I am writing this in withdrawal as I was only given enough Norco to last through yesterday and I still feel no major pain without it, maybe a 2 or 3 and that is fine. The withdrawal is another matter that I hope we address today. I trust you to make the call. Once again thank you for controlling my pain. I can’t believe it is gone; it was so bad I would have consider amputation if it thought it would have relieved my pain. I look forward to dancing with my wife and playing ball with my kids as they grow older, something I thought I would never be able to do. So let’s get me off the Norco so I can go back to work.”   - K.N.

“…I felt I should let someone know just what a difference the treatments I have received from Dr. Tarasenko, M.D., have made in my life. Prior to seeing Dr. Tarasenko, I was completely bed ridden for over three months. I could not even sit in an upright position to eat my meals, due to the extreme back pain. I had to lie on my side to eat my meals and I used a walking cane to get from the bed to the restroom. The only time I left me bedroom was to go to the restroom or to my doctor’s appointment. I was treated by another pain specialist and got very little help and no significant change in the desperate situation I was in. When things didn’t get better after three months with the first pain specialist, I asked my doctor to send me to another pain specialist to see if another doctor might make a difference. That is when (Dr. D. Woodhouse, M.D.) my primary doctor sent me to see Dr. Tarasenko. My first appointment with Dr. Tarasenko, he discussed what he wanted to try for me and I didn’t hesitate for one minute. I was scheduled for the following week and I have never regretted it. I felt absolutely no pain when he gave me the first series of Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injections on April 15, 2003. I then had the second set of Lumbar Epidural Injections on May 15, 2001, and I am scheduled for the last se on June 5, 2003. I got amazing results with the first series of injections and it has only gotten better with the second set. I have absolutely no regrets. I can now do the things I have not been able to do for months. I am cleaning my house again, I do the laundry, I do all the cooking, and I now go shopping and I can even take walks again. I would recommend Dr. Tarasenko, to anyone who has a problem with chronic pain. The procedures are painless and I have has no complications or negative side effects, what so ever. The entire staff at the Pain Management Clinic has been so kind, caring and thoughtful, and the entire experience has been a very positive one for me. I only wish I had gone to Dr. Tarasenko from the very beginning of this last flare up, so I wouldn’t have been bed ridden for so long and had to go through so much pain un-necessarily. I thank you Dr. Tarasenko, from the bottom of my heart. For the helping me get my life back, and without going through a third back surgery.”   - P.F.

“… Please accept my gift of flowers as my way of thanking you for your wonderful assistance and care in my spinal injection procedures performed on 11/02/05 at 3:30 pm. The results of the spinal shot on the morning of the 11/03/05 were amazingly 100% successful and positive. I have suffered for the last 4-5 years with lower back pain, foot pain and feet numbness and I really grew to believe that this was probably the normal sensation with getting older and I was just going to have to tolerate it for the rest of my life. You all have fortunately proved me wrong! I feel like a new person with no pain. I can walk without a limp and you have given me a wonderful new look at the future of living and moving about without the horrible pain. Thank you again for your very personable care for me and for the miraculous help. I truly feel blessed to have had all of you on my team!  Fondly to all, your patient and friend…”   - D.M.

“… I am so blessed from the results of your treatment. I am pain free! I thanked God already, so I had to thank you too. And what a great service you do for humanity. God will bless you for helping His people. Also, I appreciate your personality and the women who work at APMI. Kindness and efficiency are experienced there.“   - K.V.

 “… In a couple days it’s a years- you hear from me again, you are my miracle physician thank you. No need for Oxycontin or Vicodin.”   - N.M.

“Dr. Tarasenko, and his staff have literally given me my life back. I have had 6 major back surgeries starting in 1983, 2 staff infections, 8 years on oxycotin and 2 suicide attempts. Dr. Tarasenko was the first doctor who told me what was causing me all of the pain in my back. Dr. Tarasenko inserted a spinal stimulator in my back, and has prescribed some non-addictive medication. Dr. Tarasenko and his staff are always been there for me, with a smile on their face, when I needed help. Since their help, and treatment I have been in 3 5k races, taken vacations in New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Las Vegas, have seen the Grand Canyon, Disney World, and back working in my garden. Thank you “apmi” for all of your help!”  -R.C.

"…Dr. T is probably the most incredible doctor I’ve ever had the privilege of going to. I have had chronic abdominal pain and chronic vomiting for the past 10 years after my Gastric Bypass. Because the doctor’s couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me, they just kept giving me pain medicine and after 10 years of multiple mixtures of pills, patches and whatever else anyone could think of giving me, I finally found my way to Dr. T. I came to him as a person who was dependant on Oxycontin, Percocet, Soma and a handful of other medications. Without judgment, he sat down and explained to me what course of action we should take and see how it works. He put me on Suboxone, which is a medication that helps you withdraw from opiates. This medication has saved my life. I have not vomited in 2 months, which is the longest I’ve gone in 10 years. I didn’t have any heavy side effects. Dr. T made me feel like I was worth something and that just because I was on medications that I probably shouldn’t have been on that I was not a bad person or a person who was to be judged. He is the kind of doctor that comes in, sits down with you and actually listens to what you have to say and then discusses options. I drive from Sacramento to Vacaville just to see him and it’s worth every mile I drive. Thank you Dr. T, you’re the best." -K.S.

"I came to Dr “T” From a referral by my Family Dr. I will leave his name Blank for now, I had a very heavy 10 Year Opiate addiction My Dr told me Ahh Just go see a Pain Management specialist and HE WILL FILL ALL YOUR PAIN MEDS, he will even give you MORE and BETTER/STRONGER Drugs, so I did as instructed. I had my appointment with Dr. “T” and he sat me down and asked what can I do for you, I said week first of all YOUI CAN FILL ALL MY DRUGS, Dr. “T” looked at me with a puzzled  look on his face and asked me WHO TOOLD YOU THAT? And of course I said DR. Ja---- Did, Dr T then informed me he wanted me to come OFF MY OPIATES and try SUBOXONE DETOX I politely listened to him letting his words go in one ear and out the other, when Dr. T was done I said NO WAY are you going to take me off my PAIN MEDS, I ran as fast as I could back to DR. Ja---- Office and DEMANDED he RE-Fill my pain meds, he did so for the next 2-3 days while I was home EATING OPIATES and drooling on myself sitting on the couch staring at my TV not having taken a shower in days or eating Dr. Tarasenko’s words kept ringing in my head THE HONEYMOON IS OVER! Yes it was and had been over for years I was only taking my pain meds to feel NORMAL and not to become sick with withdrawals. I called DR. T Office back and asked could I STILL COME TO SEE Dr. T luckily they made an appointment for me, I saw Dr T and he accepted me back, so I followed his instructions I had to be IN WITHDRAWAL for 3-4 days before Being Induced and evaluated with this MIRICAL medicine  oh by the way I did research on my own on and watched HOURS of testimonials from (REGULAR PEOPLE ) not just Doctor’s  pushing suboxone, I learned a lot on my own and decided this was THE ONLY WAY TO GO and turns out it WAS. I now have my LIFE BACK, I’m a 57 year old male that had a great career flying in the USAF for 21 years then flying for two different cargo airlines on the B747 …I can tell you for a FACT that I have NOT felt this GOOD since 2000 so for 12 years I was sick and addicted yes I was a prescription DRUG ADDICT but now I feel and look 12 years younger better stronger and have MY LIFE BACK, I’m even reconciling my marriage to my wonderful wife that had left me 3 years ago because I was a real XXXX, I am moving to Washington state near Seattle leaving in 2 weeks to start a BRAND NEW LIFE thanks to Dr. Tarasenko and his wonderful staff I feel if I had not done this I surely would have KILLED MYSELF with all the OPIATS I WAS ON … Oxycontin 40mg 3X daily Percocet 10-325 8 Per day and was even on 4mg of injectable Dilaudid I SHOT MYSELF IM at home, and YES I was even Picked up by ambulance and taken to the HOSPITAL 3 different times in 12 years once for Septicemia of the blood due to a horrible infection  in which my son found me in basically a coma and called 911 Twice, SO ask yourself is getting HIGH from prescription medicine REALLY WORTH YOUR LIFE. Thanks for listening. And hope you also GET CLEAN, Good Luck." -G.M.